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Hi! My name is Garv Garvey

I have loved art my entire life, I was surrounded by incredibly talented artists as I grew up which influenced me to pursue it as a career. Growing up in Orlando, Florida, I was always inspired by the beautiful theme parks, murals in Downtown Orlando, and different galleries that thrived around the city. As I went through school, I decided to dive face-first into art, taking a summer program at Ringling College of Art and Design. This is where I found my true passion for Game Development. 

I continued on to Savannah College of Art and Design for a degree in Game Development and minors in Sound Editing and Music Composition. With all my art, I have tried to continuously put tiny unique details that create a distinct style to my work. My analog work usually focuses on scenes in which people live with us, the viewer, as spectators. I want to continue this beautiful yet unsettling theme in my Game Design in the future. 

To see a bit more of my life visually, I have linked my Instagram below. Check it out!

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